Time to pick priorities

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February 19, 2013 by heathernwelch

I have started thinking that I might be involved with too many things.  I have my hubby and kids, taking care of the house, following this new diet (which includes tons of grocery shopping and research), playing the bass, blogging, sewing and running.  Not to mention, I desperately need my time with Jesus.  Right now, I am doing great juggling all of these things, but I have begun to realize through my husband and some input from a close, dear friend, that I cannot sustain this pace for long.  So, how do I decide what to cut down on?

First thing that has to stay is my time with Jesus.  I have been reading a Bible study and a new book called The Valley of Vision which is a Puritan book of prayers.  I also have been writing in my journal often.  This time is imperative to how I function in all my other aspects.  So, this cannot be skipped or toned down at all.  (if anything I could use more time with Jesus!) 

Taking care of the boys and my hubby is not optional either.  It is something I love and need to do well.  So, once again, no shortcuts on this road either!

The new diet is important and will get easier and take less time as I get better at it.  Eric and I also feel very strongly about it.  We want to keep up with it and learn more.  We also feel it is important for the boys and our future children that we start eating healthier now.  So, this is staying as well.

Playing bass is fun and a great way that I can serve Jesus and my local church.  It doesn’t take that much time to practice and I love having an instrument to play while having a family jam session.  So, I am going to keep at it.  This also will get easier and less time consuming as I get better. 

Running.  Well, this one has been harder for me.  On one hand, I would love to say that I don’t have enough time and just throw in the towel.  But, I have started to enjoy it and I love the way it makes me feel.  So, I am going to compromise.  I am no longer training for the half marathon.  Instead, I am training for a 10K, a race that I have already basically ran.  I still might run in the half marathon, but just for fun and not to try to run the whole thing.  This will free up my Saturday a little more.  I will no longer try to get in super long runs.  This was a hard decision.  But I started running to be healthy.  Running three times a week for thirty minutes is all that I really need to be healthy, anything else is just for sport.  There is nothing wrong with training for these sorts of things, but I can’t do it all. 

Sewing.  I do like to sew….most of the time.  My machine and I have a love/hate relationship.  I was working on sewing a banner for Jack’s first birthday (in a little over a month!).  But, I have dropped this project.  Eric was strongly suggesting this and I do have to agree with him.  Now, I do hope to get time to sew a few skirts for myself.  That should not take up too much time and should be fun.  So, with sewing, I am cutting it down to just fun stuff and if I get the time to do it.

And now blogging.  This is one thing that I am going to have to slow down on.  I plan on blogging sometimes, but certainly not every day.  I might get lucky to blog once a week.  So, if you want to know what is going on with me, just shoot me a text, give me a call, or email me.  I will update with short stories on the boys and new ideas, but it will be much more sparse.  I love writing this blog, but it is taking some of my little time.  So, this is not good-bye, but just see you later and not as often.  This might sound a little on the dramatic side, but there you have it! 

See you later!


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