Whole wheat chocolate chip cookies


February 4, 2013 by heathernwelch

So, for some reason, I thought that with this diet, I would lose my sweets.  So not true!  Today, Ben and I made whole wheat chocolate chip cookies.  The website that I got the recipe from is :


Wow, they are really good.  One note, make sure you read it all before starting.  I didn’t see the recommendation to refrigerate the dough after mixing until after one cookie sheet went into the oven, though those cookies were still yummy!  I also put the stick of butter in my microwave on defrost for 2 minutes.  It still worked fine.  The batch didn’t make many, so if you are making them to take somewhere, you might want 2 batches.  I am already planning on making them again and instead of baking them, freezing them to pull out a couple here and there.  So, all you need to do is mix up the dough.  then put the cookie dough on to a cookie sheet (as the balls of dough).  Put the cookie sheet in the freezer for a few hours.  Once the dough has hardened, you can take it off the cookie sheet and put it in a freezer bag.  Now you have homemade whole wheat chocolate chip cookie dough waiting for any occasion in your freezer.  Add a couple minutes to the baking time and you are set.  Enjoy!  Image


One thought on “Whole wheat chocolate chip cookies

  1. Donna Giberson says:

    Looks yummy! I can give you my homemade pasta sauce that I can if you would like. You need to grow a garden this year & I can teach you how to can!

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