Go organic?


January 31, 2013 by heathernwelch

So, I am trying to figure out with this new change, if we should go organic as well.  I think after reading information provided to me by my friend who is a dietician, that I am not going to go organic yet.  I think we will start out not organic and go there if we feel like we would benefit from it.  One new change at a time I think is enough for me!  I thought I would update you with that because it seems like a decision that would need to be made.

I am feeling a little conflicted about the dirty dozen.  Have you heard about this?  There is a list of 12 foods that are best to get organic because of pesticides use.  I am unsure what to do about this.  Still pondering.  I would love for you to weigh in on it!  Just comment and let me know!  Below is the dirty dozen:

12 Most Contaminated



Sweet Peppers










2 thoughts on “Go organic?

  1. angiegmiller says:

    John and I do about half and half, depending on whatever is on sale. It’s easier in the summer because we just get most of our produce at the Farmers’ Market. We always buy our spinach and other leafy greens organic though.
    I think what’s most important now is being proud of yourself for making such healthy eating habits for your family! Don’t worry so much about whether something is organic– it still has tons of nutrients. You’re doing a great job, Heather!!

  2. Melissa says:

    I have thought about this some as well since we eat lots of produce now. In a perfect world and perhaps with an unlimited monthly grocery budget, I think we would give it some serious consideration. Right now I can’t find a way to make it fit into our grocery budget though.

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