Growing pains

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January 30, 2013 by heathernwelch

102_4548102_4553102_4552Jack is growing up so fast.  He is such a joyful baby.  I love him!  He is super funny and quirky.  So, he turned 10 months old.  He is a speedy crawler and in to everything.  He also has started pulling up on everything, crawling up our stair, and waving at me.  I forgot how fast they change!  He has started sitting up in his crib and then screaming because he can’t get back down.  He can’t figure out how to lay back down, so he just screams until we come to save him and lay him back down.  And once he pulls up, he can’t figure out how to get back down.  It is such a fun stage.  But it is the beginning of the end of baby stage.  And that makes me sad.

My favorite stage actually is the one we are in now and coming up.  I love how proud they get of themselves when they do something new.  He lights up when he waves at me.  I remember the joy I experienced when Ben figured out how to walk.  What a fun time to watch them develop.  But, my baby is growing up.  And it is painful.  For me.


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