New “diet”


January 27, 2013 by heathernwelch

So, Eric came home the other day and started talking to me about possibly cutting out processed foods from our diet.  At first, I was pretty hesitant about it.  For one thing, I felt kind of criticized.  Like maybe he didn’t like my cooking or thought that I was giving him unhealthy options.  However, that is not what he thinks at all.  However, there are many studies that show that cutting overly processed foods can make you feel better, get sick less often, have more energy, and maintain a healthy weight.  So, I have started researching it.  I found a website called 100 Days of Real Food and I have been using it to reference and research.  This website discourages buying groceries that have more than five ingredients in it.  She also writes to not buy food that has ingredients in it that you can’t pronounce.  It is super helpful.  Eric described shopping to me as don’t buy anything that wasn’t a food 100 years ago.  We are going to give it a trial run for 2 months and see how it goes.  I know that it will be more expensive, but it might still work out okay for us.

Here is my disclaimer: we are by no means down on people who eat processed foods.  When we are invited over to friends’ homes, we will gladly eat what they make for us.  And we will still go out to eat every so often.  I have a few health problems that changing to this diet might really help.  We also want to see if it will make a difference in our boys’ eating habits.  If you know Ben, he is a super picky eater and mostly lives on chicken nuggets and fish sticks.  I am dreading when we start this.  He is going to have a rough couple of weeks. Also, it means a lot more work for me in the kitchen, but I feel optimistic that I can handle it.

I am excited to get started.  I am taking the next week to plan a menu, research, and find recipes.  I am going to shop for two weeks worth of groceries, with a shopping trip at the end of the first week for more fresh foods.  I am pretty nervous as to how this is going to go.  So, PLEASE if you have any advice or tips, share them with me!  I would love to know where you buy your products, like coconut oil….where is that in the store?  If you know, please comment and share with me.

I will update my blog with my planned menu’s, snacks, and discoveries.  I will also post my successes and failures.  It is going to be an interesting couple of months, so stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “New “diet”

  1. Emily says:

    I am excited to follow you on this new adventure and hear the updates! I know you guys can do it and like you said you will feel so much better doing it! you can find coconut oil in the organic section. At least that is where I found it at Kroger this past summer when I looked for it. This is sort of what I did over the summer so if you have any questions or want some of the recipes I have dont hesitate to ask me! Good luck! 🙂

  2. Lindsay Lyon says:

    Heather, if anyone can do it, it’s you! You have the energy and skills to make it happen. Sounds like a great idea and I’m looking forward to getting tips from you! P.S. I have coconut oil called LouAnne’s. I don’t think this is the best brand though and it’s possible there might be a healthier option or better quality (but I’d have to look that up).

  3. angiegmiller says:

    Heather, this sounds awesome! Seriously thinking about joining you guys in this adventure.

    One of my FAVORITE things to make that’s all organic and natural is smoothies. Ingredients are super simple– 1/2 cup fruit,1/2 yogurt, handful of ice (or frozen vanilla yogurt), handful of spinach (you seriously can’t taste it AT ALL and it adds TONS of protein), whole banana (sliced), splash of milk. Blend til well-mixed. You really can’t mess these up either, so they’re awesome. Multiply the listed measurements depending on how many smoothies you’re making. I usually use raspberries, blackberries and blueberries, but we’ve also used strawberries, mango, peaches, pineapple, etc. Kroger sells frozen berries and other fruits close the ice cream. Aldi’s does too. I bet Ben would really like these. The berry smoothies are really sweet, while the others are a bit more tangy.

    Another thing that I haven’t done yet, but really want to try is replacing tortillas with regular old romaine lettuce. You can buy whole heads of the lettuce and just wrap your toppings in the huge leaves instead of using tortillas.

    Keep me updated if you try this stuff and let me know what you think!

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