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January 27, 2013 by heathernwelch

Oh Ben.  The funny things you say…

So, Ben has been cracking me up lately.  Today he decided to start calling me “friend” and he would add it to the end of each comment.  Ben: “I need more juice, friend”; “how’s your day going, friend”; “bless you, friend.”

Then, checking him into the kid’s program, he told me that he had a fever.  He also told me on the way to church, that his belly hurt, but seeing church would make it feel better.  (pretty sure he’s not sick and just being silly!)

He has been freaking out when Jack is down and crawling all over the place.  Any time he goes to play his drums, Jack makes a mad dash for him.  Jack then pulls up on him and takes the stick from him and proceeds to hit Ben with the stick.  Jack is kind of a bully at this stage of development.  So, we have been moving the trampoline (pictures to follow of it) to block Jack away from Ben.  Jeesh!

Those are some of the silly things Ben has been doing.


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