Run Heather Run!


January 20, 2013 by heathernwelch

So, I decided that if I was serious about running a 10K in April, I better get in a long run.  I always time my runs instead of looking at distance.  This is mostly because I don’t know how far or I can’t count the laps at the gym.  So, I just time it.  Before today, my personal record was 45 minutes.  So, I set out today to do a 4 mile run.  I went to a trail that I thought would tell me how far to go.  Well, I quickly found out that it wasn’t marked all that clearly.  My coach and friend told me to run nice and slow.  So, I set out.  The first mile stunk.  I was exhausted and sore.  But after that mile, it got much easier.  So around a half an hour into the run, I thought, well the only way to ensure I go 4 miles is to run for an hour.  And I did it! I never would have thought that I could do this.  I used to hate running and I am not going to even say now that I love it.  But I have started to enjoy it.  It is great exercise and fun to get out on my own for some time.  I ended up running 5.8 miles!  Woo-hoo!!!!  It was great.  I am sore now and pretty tired, but am so excited.  Now I am trying to decide if I need a new goal.  I wanted to run a 10K in April, but I could have done that pretty easily today.  So, what now?

If you are interested in running, but have hated it in the past, talk to me.  I have a great coach who helps me and gives me strengthening exercises and I would love to help you.  Even though I don’t know much, I know what I’m doing up to now!  Woot-woot!


One thought on “Run Heather Run!

  1. angiegmiller says:

    Heather, I am so so so proud of you!! Congrats on your accomplishment!! You should still run a 10K in April purely for the enjoyment. Or maybe try to make a time-goal, like finish it under a certain amount of time.
    So, I hate running. I’ve tried getting started on it so many times and have failed. How did you get started?? We should talk, haha. 🙂

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