Oh Ben…

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January 16, 2013 by heathernwelch

So, we were all having a snack tonight of pudding and cream (cool whip) and some grapes on the side.  I had mixed peanut butter in the pudding and it was awesome!  So, we are all eating and Ben stopped to inform us that pudding looks like poop.  Eric said that Ben did have point about it.  I stopped both of my talking men and said that there was no way that it resembled poo.  So Ben being Ben said…”well….”  This is only funny because if he hadn’t said it, Eric would have said it exactly the same way.  I was laughing so hard and then Ben told me not to boss anybody.  He has been hearing that phrase a lot lately and thinks that it also applies to Eric and I.  The kid is hilarious!

More funnies from my eldest:  We were driving home from somewhere and Ben announced that he had to pee.  Eric was driving and I turned and told him just to hold it, we were almost home.  Haha…hold it to a 3 year old, literally means, hold it.  I looked back at him and he was literally holding it.  HAHA!!!  I have learned to not use that phrase and instead tell him to just wait until we get home.  Oh Ben…


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