Adjusting to a mobile baby

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January 15, 2013 by heathernwelch

So, I never thought that it would be hard on Ben for Jack to start crawling.  But all of a sudden, this person who is more than 2/3 his size is crawling after him to take his toys.  I hadn’t thought of how hard it is going to be for Ben the next couple of weeks.  Poor Ben loves playing his drums and Jack loves watching and listening.  Well, now Jack can crawl over to Ben and the drum set and attempt to pull up on him.  I have had a hard time explaining to Ben that he can’t just push Jack off of him or that Jack doesn’t understand sharing.  There are some fun things about it as well though.  Like Jack was super mad and was crawling across the floor to get to me and Ben got down on his hands and knees and clapped his hands calling Jack (like you would a dog!).  Haha!  It is so funny what we teach our children.  It should be an interesting couple of weeks.  Wish me luck!


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