The imagination of a 3 year old.


January 11, 2013 by heathernwelch

Ben’s imagination has really blossomed in the last several months.  Yesterday, he was watching a video of the end of a wedding ceremony of our dear friends.  We were both in the wedding party.  And at the end, the bride and groom and all of us, danced down the aisle.  So, Ben said Mama, let’s get married.  I tried to explain to him that I was already married to his Daddy.  However, he still insisted that we marry.  So, we went up on our landing in our front room.  He gave me a kiss and then we danced around the living room because that is what he believed getting married involved.

On another note, while we were eating lunch today, Ben stopped me and said, “when Jack gets bigger, I will spank him.”  Haha…wow.  I explained that only Mama and Daddy would spank him.  So, he thought for a minute, then said, “I will spank my friends at church.”  I explained that he would not spank his friends either.  That his friend’s parents were in charge of spanking his friends.  It was quite funny.  I then explained that when he got older and had children, if they didn’t obey him, he could spank his own kids.  Wow!


3 thoughts on “The imagination of a 3 year old.

  1. Lindsay Lyon says:

    I’m cracking up about the spanking conversation! ha!

  2. angiegmiller says:

    Oh, Ben! If this is what he comes up with at 3, I can’t wait to see what will happen when he’s older! So funny, Heather. I love that you post all these stories!

  3. Melissa says:

    SO funny!

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