Perfectionism…who needs it.

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January 8, 2013 by heathernwelch

So, I am a recovering perfectionist.  It has been something that God has been doing in me since the first day he called me to Him.  Thank goodness!  I have been really behind in keeping my house clean for the last few weeks.  Part of it was having Eric home.  For some reason, he and the boys make more of a mess when they are together.  However, I have realized that even though my house is a disaster, my kids are happy.  If I have to not get some stuff done around the house and just sit on the floor playing with my babies…so be it. Haha, I think I would much rather do that.  And it has been so freeing to know that maybe we are living in chaos, but we’re happy.  I have started to count it a success if I can get a shower in, a decent workout, and time in my bible for each day.  That doesn’t leave a ton of time for housework.  But, oh well!

Here is a funny example of freedom from perfectionism.  My parents bought Jack some socks for Christmas.  On the bottom of each sock is a day of the week.  I have not yet put the correct day of the week on his feet.  I instead try to match the socks to his clothes and just ignore the day of the week.  The socks are awesome and are the best that he has….so he wears a pair everyday.  But every morning that I put his socks on, I just laugh to myself and thank God for all the work that he has done in me!

If you are a mama who struggles with a dirty house, but has happy kids…enjoy them and let the little things go!


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