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January 4, 2013 by heathernwelch

It gets hard to hang out with friends when you have kids.  But, we love our friends and need to be with them.  Tonight, we got to hang out with great friends that we dearly love.  I met the wife when we were both freshmen in college.  I had the honor of being in her wedding and her son is just 6 days older than my Jack.  So…we’re tight.  It has been really hard to get together since we have had our babies.  But last night was like a breath of fresh air.  One, she is a phenomenal cook and made us an amazing dinner.  I’ve never had green beans as good as I did last night.  We got to sit and talk with our crazy kids playing around us.  And it just reminded me that we need to remember to make time for our friends.

It is important to be with friends and other adults.  God created us to live in community and that it is good for us to hang out with each other.  We need to talk about things besides our kids and go to a deeper level.  I always have to remind myself to talk about more than just my kids.  I love talking about them (because they are awesome!)

I so enjoyed getting to do that last night….and eating an amazing meal that I didn’t have to cook!


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