Inappropriate tears for the hubs

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January 2, 2013 by heathernwelch

Eric is an awesome husband and dad.  He is just a great man.  And I am not by any means upset with him over this issue.  However, it is fun to poke fun at him about it.  So…he didn’t cry at our wedding and he didn’t cry at the birth of either of our sons.  And I thought, “that’s ok, he’s just not emotional.”  HAH!

So we went to an IU game a couple of weeks ago.  Right before they announced the IU starting line-up, they played a history clip and the background music was U2’s “The Streets Have No Name.”  And I look over at my hubby and he is tearing up.  He started to cry!  What?!?!!?

Then the other night, we watched Apollo 13.  And at the end, he started it up again.  I mean, it wasn’t like he was sobbing by any means.  But, he was definitely tearing up.

So, I have been giving him grief over it and told him I was going to blog about his inappropriate crying.  I will give him credit that Apollo 13 was emotional, but the IU game?  Seriously?

I still love that man immensely!


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