Happy New Year

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January 1, 2013 by heathernwelch

Wow, what a year.  God has been so good and so generous this year to us.  He drew me so close to him this year and I can definitely say that was the biggest highlight for me.  I know most of you are thinking…wait…wasn’t the biggest highlight the birth of my second adorable and amazing baby Jack?  He was the second highlight!  God enabled me to enjoy this year and enjoy my baby Jack.  He grew me in understanding his grace and love, and generously poured out his Spirit on me.  I was able to cope with all the things that have happened this year because he drew me so close to him.  I had horrible postpartum after Ben was born, but after Jack’s birth was a totally different experience.  I have felt so blessed by our boys and much less overwhelmed.  I know that the only reason this could be is because of what God has done in me.  I have felt so close to Him this year as well.  God wooed me to himself and I was finally able to confidently say that I love God more than Eric, which has been a huge obstacle in my faith.  But it was this Fall that I was reflecting on God’s spirit and how awesome and complete I feel when he is near to me, that I realized that I love being close to God more than I love my husband.  Now some of you reading this are going to think…wow…Heather has lost it.  But the Bible says that we are to love God first and I believe that what the bible says is always right.  I finally can say that I do.  I feel like 2012 was an awesome year and it was all because God graciously drew me closer to him.    Some of the other highlights were: duh…the birth of Jack, spending quality time with our parents and family, growing closer to families and friends at High Rock, going to the pool with the boys, the Summer Conference, Ben’s 3 birthday, Eric’s new job and God’s faithfulness in our situation, and the last week and a half of vacation that Eric has had.  We have had a great year and are so thankful to all who have been a part of of it.  Have a great New Year!  Bring on 2013!


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