Coping with not a “perfect” baby

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December 28, 2012 by heathernwelch

Jack is 9 months old today!  He’s had an interesting day with a special vaccine and an ultrasound.  Jack is relatively healthy in the grand scheme of things, but he does have a few conditions that require keeping an eye on.  He has a ventricular septal defect (VSD) and hydronephrosis.  Please keep in mind while reading this post, that I am a mother, not a person in the medical field (so forgive misspellings or other mistakes!).

The VSD is a heart murmur that should go away in the first year of his life.  It is really loud right now, which we are told is a good thing because that means it is closing.  We have been told that if it is still there when he turns one, we will be referred to a pediatric cardiologist.  He is getting synagis vaccines for 5 months this year and maybe next year to prevent whooping cough or RSV.  Babies who contract RSV and have a heart condition are advised to be on this medication.  It is very expensive and we are super lucky that our insurance covers it.  Now onto the kidneys.

Jack also has hydronephrosis, which we’ve know about since he was 18 weeks gestational. I had many ultrasounds tracking it during my pregnancy and he has had 4 since birth, one that was this morning.  Jack made it much more interesting this morning for the ultrasound technician by rolling over and kicking her hands away.  Hydronephrosis means that he has extra fluid in his kidneys.  It is not uncommon to find this in baby boys in early ultrasounds.  In fact, Ben had it as well, but grew out of it while still inside my womb.  So, we get regular ultrasounds and take him to a pediatric urologist.  The results of the last 2 ultrasounds have shown his condition getting mildly worse.  However, not to a degree to concern the urologist.  He said that we are still in the circumstance of just keeping an eye on it.  I believe the most extreme thing to happen would be a minor surgery that is the most common one the surgeon does.

So, we are once again not worried.  I am just happy that Jack will not be able to remember being shuttled to the doctor so often.  When Jack was 2 or 3 months old, we had our first appointment with the urologist at Riley’s Children Hospital in Indy.  We were somewhat freaked out about having to go up there and the nuclear imaging test they ran on him to test the function of the kidney.  The function was just fine and the trip really enlightened us.  We know that some kids are sick, but when you walk into a children’s hospital, your view has to change.  I was worried about Jack because something was not right with him.  However, after that trip, I am so thankful that this is all that is wrong with him.  Wheelchairs were more common than the stroller we had Jack in and many kids were being treated for cancer.  The little baby behind us, who was the same age as Jack, was diagnosed with spina bifida that day.  Eric and I left the hospital feeling blessed and thankful to God that all Jack had was a heart murmur and some fluid in his kidneys.

We still pray that God will heal our baby boy and he can stop having the extra ultrasounds, vaccines, and other doctor’s appointments.  However, we do have a different outlook on it all.  Jack is a delightful, funny, and healthy baby.  Sure, there are some imperfections in his body, but nothing (even something this little) is too big for God.



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