Benny and Livvy


December 12, 2012 by heathernwelch

Ben has a great friend in a little girl named Olivia.  She is 9 months younger than him and as cute as can be.  She has a sweet squeaky little voice.  She has decided to call Ben “Benny-Ben.”  We hang out with her on a regular basis and I have never seen Ben interact and play so well with another child.  They just mesh well.  So today while Ben was going to the bathroom with Olivia spectating, they started telling each other their nicknames for one another.  Olivia: “I call you Benny!”  Ben: “I call you Livvy!”  And again and again.  Then Olivia got distracted and told Ben; “Cute underwear Benny!”  These two are hilarious.  This might not seem all that funny reading it, but just think about my 3 year-old going pee while his best friend (a “gurill” in Ben language) looks on and her complimenting his underwear selection of firetrucks.  Pretty stinkin’ hilarious if you ask me!


3 thoughts on “Benny and Livvy

  1. Nancy Jones says:

    I think it is funny and love your blog

  2. Emily says:

    hahahaha this cracks me up! Kids say the craziest things!

  3. angiegmiller says:

    I love both of those kids! This particular story is just too cute, though, they might not appreciate hearing about it when they’re older! 😉
    Keep blogging, Heather! You’re better at it than you think!

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