December 7, 2012 by heathernwelch

So laundry.  It is defeating me.  I can’t seem to stay on top of it.  Instead, it is all over the house all the time.  My awesome hubby and I discussed our laundry system that we have in place and I am trying something new.  I am going to try to do it all in one day.  I know, that seems like it might be more overwhelming.  But one day a week, I am going to let the house get out of control and look like the hamper threw up all over my living room…but that will be the only day.  I think it will work…if not, I will try again.  Please if you have any wisdom on this…help a mama out!


One thought on “Laundry

  1. Candice Hughes says:

    lol, Heather, our laundry piles up so badly our room gets COVERED in it and I can’t find anything and everything is either wrinkled or we can’t tell if its clean or not! I would suggest just doing a load a day? If you can put it away before bed with Eric, it might help.. ?

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