Beware….I’m not a writer!

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December 7, 2012 by heathernwelch

Hello world,

I am not a writer, so please do not judge me.  I hate commas.  I never know where they go or when to use them.  So…I just wanted to warn you grammar fanatics about my writing.  Ok, well, first, I love Jesus.  He saved me right before my Freshman year of college.  I had always been a moralistic perfectionist.  But God got a hold of me and has drastically changed me.  I love my husband.  He is an awesome Godly man and the second love of my life (after Jesus).  We have two amazingly cute and funny little boys, Ben (3) and Jack (8 months).  Part of this blog will be me laughing over the funny things my boys are doing and the amazingness of what God has entrusted to me.  Another part will be sharing some ideas that I have found to make staying at home a little easier.  I hope you find it entertaining and helpful.  Well, both boys need me, so time to run.  Until next time!


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